sailor-prince asked: I was wondering, do you think you could maybe do a Neji/Shika fic recommendation list? It's been a looooooooooooong time since I read Naruto fanfiction in general (not since I wrote it and was bigger into the fandom in my middle-school years) but I keep having the urge to jump back in and read/reread some, but I'm not quite sure how much the fandom/pairing has grown in the, gosh, six or seven years I've been gone?

Hi there! I haven’t had time to read any in a while and I’m not sure if there are any new good ones, so sorry. Perhaps others in the fandom can recommend you some? But I answered a similar question some time ago and you can find that post here. Definitely read Break to Breathe by Okami-Rayne if you haven’t already, though!

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ask-shikaneji asked: HELLO, FELLOW SHIKANEJI BLOG. Well, um. I saw you were running out of things to post. You're more than welcome to steal my stuff off of my deviantart and post it~ My username is Melted-DryIce. I have quite a few pics of the two of them. Also, when I start doing questions're free to reblog. <=

Hi there! That’s very nice of you hahah. Will do! Thanks for the offer and am looking forward to you doing the questions again. :)

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